Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ian Alleyne not guilty on resisting arrest charge


Ian Alleyne in April 2012, when he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest on the compound of Caribbean Communications Network in Port of Spain.

Donstan Bonn

TELEVISION personality Ian Alleyne was this morning found not guilty on a charge of resisting arrest. Senior Magistrate Annette McKenzie handed down the ruling when Alleyne reappeared in the Port of Spain Court shortly before 11 a.m. today.

Alleyne, the host of Crime Watch on CNC3, told reporters after the ruling was delivered, that he was always confident the magistrate would have ruled in his favour. Alleyne said he did nothing wrong that warranted his arrest in April of 2012.

Alleyne was arrested by ASP Ajith Persad on the compound of Caribbean Communications Network (CCN), at Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, after he aired a video on three occasions showing the rape of a 13-year-old girl.

During today's hearing, McKenzie said during the arrest, Persad did not have a warrant in his possession to do so. She said a police officer had the power to arrest an individual if that person was breaching the peace or if the officer believed the individual was about to carry out a breach of the peace.

Even if this was the reason for the arrest, the magistrate questioned why other individuals who surrounded and were in support of Alleyne during the arrest, were not also arrested. She said the officer also did not inform Alleyne why he was being arrested, as was required by law.

McKenzie said the prosecution also left many questions unanswered as it failed to successfully prove its case. She then dismissed the matter.

The State was represented by Senior State attorney George Busby, while Alleyne was represented by Senior Counsel Israel Khan and Larry Lalla.