Friday, January 19, 2018

Ian Alleyne's 'Crime Watch' comes to TV6


HOST: Ian Alleyne

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Ian Alleyne's Crime Watch will be coming to TV6.

TV6 general manager Shida Bolai confirmed to the Express yesterday that Crime Watch has found a new home at the number one station in the country and will begin from April 11.

She said Alleyne's programme will be aired live from Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

"He (Alleyne) approached TV6 and indicated to us that he would like to join us and when we looked at the programme we felt it would be a good partnership for TV6. I think it would bring a new kind of reality television into play, it is good and exciting TV," Bolai said.

"Crime Watch is a programme that touches the lives of a lot of people, it is interesting TV and it is the way the world is going," she added.

Alleyne was fired from the World Indian Network (WIN) TV in February. Alleyne, who is also president of Trinidad and Tobago Crime Watch, shot into the spotlight nationally with the Crime Watch programme, in which he investigated hundreds of matters and assisted the police in arrests of suspects.

He is well-known for his fearless attitude and determination to "hunt" criminals.

Bolai said yesterday, however, that Alleyne will have to adhere to TV6 guidelines and policies.

"Viewers will have to tune in to see if he will continue to deliver the kind of material and content he is accustomed to doing," she said.