Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Imam lashes out at extremists

Muslims urged to set moral standards for the world to follow...


devotees: Muslim women pray during yesterday’s open-air Eid Salaat, hosted by the La Romaine Jamaat at La Romaine High School. —Photo: INNIS FRANCIS

Mark Fraser

Islam is not about extremism but about peace, love and kindness.

That was the message delivered by Imam Yaseen Fernandez at the open-air Eid Salaat yesterday. 

The Eid-ul-Fitr celebration was hosted by the La Romaine Jamaat at La Romaine High School.

Fernandez said: “All of us here have some basic knowledge and understanding of Islam, but you know what is killing us today? Extremism. We have too much extremism in Islam. Too much extremists.”

He said Islam was a peaceful, kind and loving religion.

“Islam is not about extremism, Islam means peace.”

Fernandez said Muslims must set moral standards as the world was now lacking morality. And each person should ask themselves what would people think of them.

The answer can either be negative or positive, he said.

“Allah has sent us into this world to erase immorality. Our purpose is to show mankind the way of righteousness, the way of godliness. When we look at what is taking place in this country, can we say we are the best Umrah? When we look at what is taking place in the world, we are killing each other in the world.”

Fernandez questioned whether Muslims can see themselves as obedient to Allah.

“I am a Muslim, I obey Allah. I do my best, I go to Masjid, I wear hijab, I am good, I am caring, I am loving, I am kind and I don’t care what people think of me,” he said.

And he asked each person to examine themselves. He said too many women were crying as they were being abused by people they love.

“You have to ask yourself, am I being kind or am I being hostile and abusive? Now is the time. Allah has softened our hearts in the month of Ramadan. Your family comes first. Embrace them, love them, take care of them.”

Fernandez said too many people saw themselves as judges.

“When you feel someone is better than you, then that is a wrong feeling,” he said. 

He said the time had come to make peace.

“Today, we are making war, Muslims killing Muslims. Do not kill each other.”

Fernandez said the large gather­ing at the celebration was nothing compared to that on the day of judgment. 

“Today, we have assembled here in our beautiful garments, our adorn­ments, but on that day, no one will stand with garments, with any beautiful apparel. Your beautiful apparel will be your deeds, your conscience, your sincerity. Only our righteousness will appear and only our wrongs will appear.”

He said the world was in turmoil as the teachings of Islam were not being followed. He said it was time people stop turning their back to Allah and see the opportunities God had presented.