Friday, February 23, 2018

Integrity Commission loses another member



Mark Fraser

 Once again the Integrity Commission has lost a member, leaving it unable to function.

Less than two months after his appointment to the Integrity Commission, accountant Joel C Edwards has resigned from that body.

  Edwards cited “personal reasons” for his resignation.

Edwards was appointed on May 30, 2014 to replace chartered accountant Seunarine Jokhoo, who resigned in April, citing urgent family commitments.

Edwards’ departure means that the Commission is not properly constituted because, under the Integrity in Public Life Act, it must have at least one member who is a chartered or certified accountant.

 A release from the President’s Office on Thursday stated that in a letter dated July 22, 2014, addressed to President Anthony Carmona, Edwards cited “personal reasons” as the reason for his resignation.

He thanked the President for the opportunity given to serve the Commission and, by extension, the country. 

 Edwards noted that his personal circumstances, at this time, would not allow him to devote the amount of time and effort to the Commission that are required, the release said.

It said Edwards, in his letter to the President, added: “I wish to apologise most sincerely and profusely to you and to the Commission for any inconvenience that may be caused.”

 Edwards, a former TSTT worker, had left that company under controversial circumstances arising out of the purchase of TSTT-owned excess/used furniture to a company called Cudjoe Construction and Industrial Services Limited.

However, at his swearing-in ceremony in May, Carmona said Edwards “was eminently qualified and experienced and had the requisite moral fibre to discern right from wrong”.

 Edwards was an enquirer into the failed Hindu Credit Union.