Saturday, December 16, 2017

Is my mother still alive?

Teen in ICU after being shot by man who gunned down her mom:

Teenager Kimberly Ma­­hangoo, who was wounded by a gun­man who shot dead her mo­ther on Thursday night, opened her eyes yesterday.

And she asked relatives whe­ther her mother had survived the shooting.

Mahangoo, 15, remains in cri­tical condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the San Fernando Gen­e­ral Hospital.

Her mother, Sherlene Mahan­goo-Charles, 37, was shot dead by a jilted lover, three days after being chopped about the body.

An autopsy per­formed at the

For­ensic Science Centre in Fed­e­-

ration Park on Friday found the

mother of four suffered gun­shot wounds to the shoul­der and head.

The teenager was shot in the hip, shoulder and hand, relatives said.

Her grandfather, Ashuk Mahan­goo, said, “My daughters went to visit her in the hospital because I was busy making fune­ral arrange­ments. They said she opened her eyes and asked about her mother. She is a smart girl; she knows her mo­th­er is dead.”

Mahangoo-Charles and her daughter were awoken by a crash­ing sound at their Tarodale Heights, Ste Madeleine, home on Sunday night. Her seven-year-old son was asleep in the bed­room. Her sisters, twins Ann Marie and Marie, who moved in following the cutlass attack on Sunday night, were asleep in another room. 

Relatives said Mahangoo-Charles walked into the living room and found the man stand­ing with a gun. He fired several shots, hitting Mahangoo-Charles in the head. She died at the scene.

The gunman then ran into the bedroom and shot the teenager.

Ashuk Mahangoo said the suspect had threatened to kill his daughter. 

“He told my sons he going to do this and then kill himself. But we didn’t think he would really do it,” he said.

Police were still searching for the

35-year-old suspect last eve­ning.