Sunday, February 25, 2018

...It was a cowardly act, says family

THE FAMILY of murdered Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal yesterday slammed her killers as being “cowardly murderers”.

Around 12:05 a.m. yesterday Seetahal was shot dead inside in her Volkswagen SUV near the Woodbrook Youth Facility after two vehicles pulled alongside forcing her to stop.

Pathologist Dr Hughvon Des Vignes was yesterday called out to perform an autopsy on Seetahal’s body.

The usual public access to the centre remained locked while the autopsy took place behind closed doors.

Family members used the staff entrance.

Members of the media yesterday camped outside the Forensic Science Centre in St James awaiting the results.

Around 12.30 p.m. two vehicles with members of Seetahal’s family who witnessed the autopsy left the facility.

The family did not stop to speak to the media.

While on his way from the forensic facility a male relative of Seetahal’s said, “the family is traumatised at this time and we will have a follow up talk”.

Around 6.30 p.m. yesterday the Express received a statement from the family.

Seetahal was a columnist with this newspaper.

“The Seetahal family condemns the heinous murder of our beloved sister and aunt. Fearless and bold, Dana was our hero, our mentor and our confidante,” the statement read.

“Her untimely death at the hands of cowardly murderers is a tragedy for our family, the nation and the criminal justice system. The funeral announcements will be made at a later date,” it stated.