Thursday, February 22, 2018

Iwer blasts judges over fireworks

'...Machel allowed to bend rules to win title'


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SOCA artiste Iwer George yesterday slammed the judges of the Internation- al Power Soca Monarch competition for allowing Machel Montano to bend the established rules to win the $2 million title.

For the second year in a row, George placed second best to Montano under controversial circumstances in the soca com- petition.

To highlight his grievances from last year, George penned his contender for this year's Soca Monarch title focusing in part on the circumstances of Montano's 2011 victory.

"If yuh know they rob me last year, put yuh two hands in the air," George states in the opening line of his 2012 composition entitled "No Pain".

The opening line references the view of some individuals that George was robbed by the judges in the International Power Soca Monarch competition last year.

Montano, on Friday, defended his 2011 Power Soca Monarch title with the song "Pump Your Flag". He also added the Groovy Soca Monarch title to his list of accomplishments for this year.

Sealing victory for Montano on Friday was a rocket man taking flight with a jet pack at the end of his performance.

Speaking to the Express at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain yesterday after performing with the Yuma mas band, George accused the International Power Soca Monarch judges of "playing games".

"Seven years ago, the International Soca Monarch competition placed a ban on the use of fireworks. All the competitors know this, so nobody uses fireworks anymore," George said.

"However, this year, an artiste used fireworks and won, but nobody at the competition announced a reversal of the ban," George said.

George also took issue with the duration of Montano's winning stage performance.

George ended his performance at the International Power Soca Monarch with more than three minutes left of the eight minutes allocated to contestants.

Montano, however, went over the stipulated time-frame for the competition, George claimed.

"Performers are expected to stay within the eight-minute time-frame or be penalised, but the person who won the competition did not abide by that rule," George said.

Montano and George are also competing for the title of this year's Road March champion.