Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Iwer concert scores


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Groovy Soca finalist Iwer George was all smiles on Wednesday when he presented his show, simply titled Iwer George in Concert, at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. The event proved a success, attracting a sold-out crowd that remained partying until past 3 a.m. yesterday.

From the first ads and for the weeks leading up to the event, people were predicting the show would be a bust because, as they saw it, George could not draw a large audience for a concert performance.

His detractors were, however, left red in the face, as George bubbled his way to the bank, promising an even bigger event next Carnival.

Things did get off to a slow start as the 9 p.m. scheduled start came with only a couple hundred people at the venue.

By the time the band Karma kicked off the show around 9.35 p.m., the crowd had grown to several hundred and at some point during the performance of Iwer's son Marlon D Manager and his band NOS, a look at the audience revealed it had grown significantly.

People continued to stream in until past midnight.

George delivered three sets during the night—the first opening with a skit based on his 2013 hit, "Bubble".

George appeared on stage wearing a white suit and singing "Bubble", and from there sang "No Pain", "Come To Meh" and several hits from his 27-year repertoire.

He called on his son, Marlon, to join him on stage to perform "Nah Do Dat" and, while his son sang one could see the pride beaming on his face as he watched the young man perform.

As the night moved along, there were performances by, among others, Olatunji Yearwood, Cassie, Blaxx, Black Stalin, Benjai and Prophet Benjamin.

The line-up of bands included Vincent Rivers and the Soca Unit, as well as the Roy Cape All Stars.

Before bringing Yearwood to the stage, George asked the audience, "If allyuh want SuperBlue to beat Machel, put yuh both hands in the air." All hands went up.

SuperBlue was, according to ads for the show, supposed to deliver a concert performance, but he never showed.

Iwer told the Express the soca icon's management had said SuperBlue would perform, and he does not know why he did not come.

SuperBlue's manager, Gregory Fernandes responded, saying the artiste was not booked for the event and was in fact not booked for any event this week. "SuperBlue was never hired for Iwer George in Concert. In fact, we have not taken any jobs for SuperBlue this entire week because he is focusing on the Soca Monarch.

"All season, promoters have been falsely advertising SuperBlue being in their events and when he does not show the people think that he on a scene.

"I am going to be having legal letters delivered to such promoters after Carnival," Fernandes said.