Monday, January 22, 2018

Jack: $2b SIS contracts

Since the People’s Partnership Government has been in power, Super Industrial Services (SIS) has received $2 billion in contracts, says Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner.

Warner was speaking at the Parliament sitting yesterday during the debate of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Bill, 2014.

Warner questioned why it took four years to bring procurement legislation to the Parliament, adding that it cannot undo the millions of contracts awarded to SIS.

He said in 2010, SIS was bankrupt and in four years, the company and its 52 subsidiaries received $2 billion in contracts from Government which included millions for landscaping jobs.

Warner said the Government, with one foot out of the door, comes ten months before a general election with procurement legislation that cannot return these millions.

He said at the end of the day the people of this country are not fooled.

Warner said invoices valued at over $2 million were also given to SIS for works in the sister isle.

He said he had planned to go to the Integrity Commission with the information and documents he had but “it makes no sense”.

Warner said he also has documents to show that although contracts were awarded by the Tenders Board, the minister took action to void them and give the contracts to someone else in the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure

“At the end of the day we came here to make this country better, the people were against the PNM (People’s National  Movement, they were against Calder Hart, we came here to correct that, not to create other Calder Harts,” said Warner.

He said the procurement legislation would not solve these problems.

Warner said further that he has major concerns with the procurement legislation and noted Government has indicated it will not be accepting any amendments because the bill went though a Joint Select Committee (JSC) and the Legislation Review Committee (LRC).

Warner said he stayed up all night reviewing the bill and had over two dozen amendments and was offended his work will go in vain.



contracts AWARDED:

 Warner listed a number of these contracts which include:

*$1.2 billion waste water treatment plant from WASA

*$1.6 million for 59 hydrological stations from WASA 

*$12 million for the tender for the design of the national development centre from The Community Improvement Services Ltd (CISL)

*$3.5 million for waste water services at the Sangre Grande Hospital

*$202 million for works on the motor vehicle 

authority from NIPDEC

*$130 million for upgrade work to the Penal 

recreation ground 

*$25 million from the National Gas Company (NGC) for landscaping work to the Couva/Preysal