Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jack suspicious of Blatter's Caribbean move

Football heads meet in Zurich

FORMER FIFA vice president Jack Warner has called the meeting of Caribbean football presidents in Zurich, Switzerland, days ago a plan by FIFA head Sepp Blatter to recolonise the Caribbean.

A decision was taken during the meeting to form a Normalisation Committee to execute tasks on behalf of the Caribbean Football Union.

Warner said such a move could lead to Caribbean countries being unable to qualify for the World Cup and CFU losing ties with the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).

"If the members can't see that, something is wrong and I didn't stay there for 20 years for that. I cannot stay quiet ... let the chips fall where they fall," Warner said.

Football presidents from 30 countries met in FIFA's headquarters in Zurich last Tuesday and Wednesday although Warner said yesterday that the CFU had already decided in February that next year a conference will be held.

"What (resident of FIFA) Mr Blatter has tried to do was to recolonise the Caribbean ... I couldn't stay quiet anymore because it was a form of recolonisation from which the Caribbean had emerged and there's no way I will stay quiet when that is taking place," Warner said.

Presidential candidate Harold Taylor has called the decision to form the Normalisation Committee illegal and unconstitutional. He said the statutes state that to have a CFU Congress there must be at least two elected members present and there was none at the meeting in Zurich.

Warner yesterday said such a meeting needed a minimum of 30 days notice and a proper agenda.

Warner resigned from FIFA after ethics investigations were begun into a meeting he held with former FIFA presidential candidate and Asian Football Confederation chief Mohammed Bin Hammam. It is alleged by FIFA that payments were made to CFU officials ahead of the election for FIFA president in June.

Bin Hammam has since been banned for life from football activities by FIFA. See Page 46