Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jack to answer questions on dismissal of top cops

National Security Minister Jack Warner has been asked to give specific details of any payments made to former Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs and deputy Jack Ewatski.

People's National Movement (PNM) Senator Fitzgerald Hinds has filed several questions which are expected to be answered in the Senate today on the termination of the contracts of the two Canadians.

Hinds has asked Warner to state all the payments and the cost incurred as at August 7, 2012 (when the contract was ceased). Hinds is asking when the matter of the cessation of contracts was first raised and by whom. He is asking what were the reasons given by the two former officers for the cessation of their contracts. Hinds also wants to know whether oral or written requests were made for the alteration of the terms and conditions, given that there was a 14-month period before the expiration of the contracts. If so, what were the requested alterations to the terms and condition of the contract.

Hinds finally is asking whether at the time of the cessation of the contracts, Government was in receipt of any evaluation on the performance of the two officers from the Police Service Commission to aid in properly assessing their positions and requests.

Minister of Justice Christlyn Moore will be answering questions for the first time since assuming office.

PNM Senator Pennelope Beckles is asking Moore to state how many reports have been made against police officers between January 2009 and July 2012. Beckles also wants to know how many matters have been resolved, how many officers have been warned, disciplined, fined or terminated, arising out of reports made to the Police Complaints Authority.