Monday, January 22, 2018

Jamaican escapes police custody at hospital

A 23-year-old Jamaican detainee escaped police custody on Saturday evening after being treated at the Arima District Health Facility for a shoulder injury.

The detainee, who police said had been held on Friday evening by officers of the Malabar Police Station, on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant, was taken to the facility for examination on Saturday morning after complaining of a severe pain in his shoulder.

The man was brought to the health facility where he was treated. However, while he was in the recovery room, and being assisted by an officer in putting on his shirt, the Jamaican national, took a chance, and made for the door.

Despite the presence of two officers in the room, and a subsequent chase onto the roadway, the detainee managed to make good his escape. A report was made to senior officers in the Northern Division, and an exercise was carried out in the immediate vicinity of the health facility, however, the man could not be found.

The man was said to be of African descent, slim built, brown complexion, and about 176cm tall. He was said to sport a low haircut, and had multiple tattoos about his body. His last noted address was said to have been Trainline, Malabar.

Anyone with information which could lead to the arrest of the suspect are asked to contact Malabar Police.

PC Maharaj is continuing investigations.