Monday, January 22, 2018

Jattan: I owned company

Drug bust saga continues


Mark Fraser

The whereabouts of ex-director of Caribbean Sea Works Ltd, Victor Jattan, finally came to light yesterday as Jattan revealed himself to TV6 and the Express who were seeking answers about allegations made against him by a Guyanese businessman.

Caribbean Sea Works Ltd  was the defunct company reported exclusively by TV6 and the Express that was sending shipments of juice to Virginia in the USA over the last two years, before it was busted at Norfolk Port in Virginia when $644 million in cocaine was found concealed in juice cans.

The find has triggered a transatlantic investigation by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) which has led them to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago where the cocaine originated.

Through Jattan’s son, Victorio, TV6 and the Express were able to reach  the businessman.

Background checks on Victor Jattan revealed he is the president of Lynwil International Trading in Guyana and that the company had been registered in the US in Florida in 2012, with agent Charles Mac Gruber.

On several websites Jattan’s address was listed as 3060, Canter Lane Kissimmee, FL 34746. Kissimmee is located not far from the city of Orlando.

On some of the websites Lynwil International Trading in Guyana boasts of “specialising in the import and export business” and Jattan even stated on one business company website:

“Husband, father, and entrepreneur living in Florida, but born in Trinidad. I came to America in my early twenties and studied marine engineering before returning to Trinidad.”

Guyanese businessman Lyndon Thomas has disputed this claim, saying he was the sole owner of Lynwil International Trading Guyana as well as Lynwil International Trading Trinidad which he still does business with.

“I met Jattan and things went smoothly but for some reason I thought why does this guy want to get involved in fuel in Guyana when he has a company in Trinidad that deal with fuel and you have Petrotrin which is a big supplier so I was kind apprehensive,”  Thomas said.

Thomas, who still does business with his Trinidad-based Lynwil Trading company registered since 2003, said: “Jattan offered to buy Lynwil International Trading Guyana which at that time was a shell, there were no transactions or business through that company, which was literally inactive.”

Late yesterday evening, Victor Jattan contacted TV6  and the Express in an attempt to tell his side of the story and clear his name of the allegations made by Thomas.

“I have documents to prove I own that company,” Jattan said in his defence.

“I am talking with my lawyers in relation to other matters but I can produce documents to show that I own that company,” he said.

He promised in the coming days once it was cleared by his lawyers that he would speak on other allegations made against him.