Saturday, January 20, 2018

Judge dismisses Krishna Lalla lawsuit

 A LAWSUIT for defamation of character, which was brought against the Trinidad Guardian newspaper and one of its journalists by Krishna Lalla of Super Industrial Services (SIS) Ltd, was dismissed by a High Court judge at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain yesterday.

The judge also denied an injunction that was being sought by Lalla to prevent the newspaper from further publishing any statements or articles similar in nature to one that was published in Sunday’s edition of the newspaper, entitled “Billion-dollar man...SIS Krishna Lalla”, under the heading “Lalla Gets Hefty Contracts”.

The article  focused on the Beetham Waste Water Recycling Plant contract that was recently awarded to the company.

Lalla filed the lawsuit on Wednesday and was seeking damages for libel, exemplary and/or aggravated damages as a result of the contents of the article, written by Renuka Singh, which, he said, defamed his name.

The matter came up for hearing before Justice Carol Gobin in Courtroom POS 16 at the Hall of Justice and only proceeded for some minutes before being dismissed.

In her ruling, Gobin said it was premature to say if the article had in fact defamed Lalla’s name as was being claimed.