Sunday, February 18, 2018

Judge grants review for eighteen sergeants bypassed for promotion

A HIGH COURT judge has granted permission to 18 police sergeants to seek judicial review of the decision by the Police Commissioner to bypass them for promotion to the rank of inspector.

Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh made the decision on Thursday in the matter between the 18 sergeants and the Police Commissioner and the Promotion Advisory Board.

Last month, 51 sergeants were promoted to the rank of inspector.

Following the promotion ceremony, 18 sergeants who were bypassed for promotion applied for a judicial review of the decision.

The officers are being represented by Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal.

The aggrieved sergeants are seeking an order to quash the decision of the Commissioner of Police and/or the Promotion Advisory Board not to award them the maximum 35 points for the examination component of the promotion assessment process from sergeants to inspectors.

They are seeking a declaration that the decision for them not to be awarded maximum points was "illegal, unreasonable, irrational, unfair and procedurally irregular".

They are also seeking a "declaration that the failure of the Commissioner of Police to publish the Order of Merit List prior to the making of said promotions was illegal, unreasonable, irrational, unfair, procedurally irregular and/or in contravention of the spirit and intendment of section 19 (5) of the Police Service Act".

They are now calling for the Promotion Advisory Board to compile and submit to the Commissioner a revised Order of Merit List to reflect the proper ranking of the applicants.

And for the Commissioner of Police to publish the revised Order of Merit List in a Departmental Order.

The 18 sergeants are calling for "an order of mandamus directing the Commissioner of Police to make such appointments to the rank of Inspector in accordance with the revised Order of Merit List as is required".

The matter is scheduled to come up for hearing again on March 5.

óJoel Julien