Wednesday, January 17, 2018

...Judiciary: Court to be moved

There are plans to move operations at the existing San Fernando Magistrates’ Court by next year.

Following yesterday’s walkout by staff at the courthouse, the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago re-released information given two weeks ago concerning works at the court.

It said, “At San Fernando where the issues are significant, of long standing and not amenable to smaller scale refurbishment, action will require the movement of the court’s operations to another site. The judiciary has acquired a building for reconfiguration as a court to house these operations. The retrofitting of this building, given a court’s unique needs, should be completed in twelve months with work commencing in October 2014. We have in the interim instituted some small fixes to address the operations at the existing court and to guarantee safety while also trying as much as possible to limit the inconvenience to users.”

The release said, that as work progresses, the judiciary will continue to provide updated information to staff members. 

“The Department of Court Administration also continues to work assiduously to address any new concerns raised by staff and other internal users of the facility in the short term and create an environment in which employees can deliver much needed services to members of the public.

“The judiciary takes this opportunity once more to extend its appreciation to the staff and users of this court facility for their continued understanding and commitment to the institution and its customers in ensuring the continuity of court operations given the ongoing challenges,” the release said.

The judiciary said yesterday’s action by staff and union representatives was “unfortunate” and that operations were unaffected at the courthouse.    —NBB