Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Julie was killed by ‘someone she knew’


Killed: Julie Duke-Guerraro was found Tuesday bound and gagged, with her throat slit.

Mark Fraser

COUVA mother Julie Duke-Guerraro bled to death from a single fatal stab wound to the neck which may have been inflicted by someone she knew.

Pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov, who performed a forensic examination yesterday, said there were no other marks of violence on Duke-Guerraro’s body, which suggested she did not resist or try to defend herself.

Duke-Guerraro’s body was discovered bound and blindfolded on Tuesday afternoon in the bedroom of her home at Perth Avenue, Perseverance Village.

The mother of three was found by her brother, Lester Duke, 18, who went to check on her after calls to her cellphone went unanswered during the day and she did not turn up for work as a preschool teacher.

Alexandrov told the Express he believed Duke-Guerraro was asleep when attacked.

“She did not have a single scratch on her body indicative of self-defence or resistance to her killer. It’s a possibility that she was sleeping when she was tied up and she may have been killed by someone she knew. It’s possible that the perpetrator had access to the house, so there was no fight. But that is for the police to find out,” he said.

Alexandrov said the weapon used had a three-inch single-edge blade, similar to a kitchen knife.

Duke-Guerraro’s mother, Lucy Duke, said the family was baffled by the killing, as her daughter never spoke of feeling threatened or scared of anyone.

She said Duke-Guerraro was married for almost ten years to Dillon Guerraro, but the two separated last year and their relationship was amicable.

Duke-Guerraro was a preschool teacher at Learning Tree Early Childhood Care Centre at Mary Street, Lisas Gardens.

Residents in the area yesterday expressed shock over the death.

The mother said she last saw Duke-Guerraro on Sunday at the christening of a re­lative. “She stayed about half an hour and everything was normal. She brought her children because I didn’t see them in a few days. Everything was normal with her,” she said.

Duke said the family wanted justice for her daughter’s death.

“I want to find out who did this to her and let the law deal with them. I leave everything in the hands of God,” said Duke.