Thursday, February 22, 2018

Juror congratulates judge

THE forewoman of the jury hearing a drug case before President-nominee Justice Anthony Carmona stood in open court yesterday and congratulated the judge on his nomination.

Carmona was yesterday expected to begin the summation of the case against Dwayne Pope, which began last December in the San Fernando Second Criminal Court.

Pope is on trial for marijuana trafficking. But when the matter was called, Carmona told the court that "there has been a turn of events in my life and the court's life".

He said he was expected to be involved in several sentencing matters yesterday and he would therefore adjourn Pope's matter.

He told the jurors to return to court today. It was then that the forewoman stood and, reading from a note in a book, said, "Congratulations to you on your appointment on you know what. You will have our support. We know you will do a great job."

Several attorneys were seated at the bar table and many people were sitting in the public gallery. Murmurs were heard when the woman was done speaking.

Carmona said a brief thank you and repeated his instructions that the jurors are to return to court today.

Defence attorney Subhas Panday is representing Pope while State attorney Mauriceia Joseph is prosecuting.

The case will continue today.