Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kalicharan wins again

...the band has now won Band of the Year 21 times


Masqueraders with the band Ivan Kalicharan Masqueraders "Beats" on the streets of San Fernando on Carnival Tuesday. Photo by Dave Persad

Donstan Bonn

Ivan Kalicharan Masqueraders "Beats" has retained the Band of the Year title in San Fernando.

And Montano and Friends has again beat out top bands to reclaim the Jouvert title in the category of traditional bands.

Ivan Kalicharan Masqueraders has won the title 21 times in San Fernando - seven times consecutively.

The results were announced by San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein during a news conference at City Hall, Harris Promenade, today.

Fireworks Promotions "Mysteries Beneath" placed second, while Lionel Jagessar and Associates "Smoke Signal" came in third.

The bandleaders were present when the results were announced.

Montano and Friends presented "Breaking New", portrayals of issues affecting Trinidad and Tobago. D Blue Boys placed second, while D Play Boyz came in third place.

Tyrone Nanan's presentation of "Bass Back on D Saddle" won him first place in the Jouvert Individuals category.

The King of Jouvert title went to David Sammy who portrayed "Ah Loss Meh State Board Wuk because ah false papers". Seeah Jackman-Deonanan's "Oh Gosh Kamla" won her Queen of Jouvert.

The Mayor said prizes would be paid at the end of March. He said the prize structure would be completed by next week.