Friday, December 15, 2017

Kamla committed to working with police

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has said she remains committed to working with the police in the emailgate probe.

However, she will not allow them to pursue a “witch-hunt” by exposing the private and confidential information on her device.

Persad-Bissessar made these statements at the United National Congress’s (UNC) Monday night forum at the Vishnu Boys Hindu School, Caroni, where she addressed reports that she had not handed over her mobile phone and computers to the police for investigation.

The Prime Minister said the police wanted to “clone” the information on her devices, and she understands that when they do this, they copy all the information that was there.

She explained she was willing to have the information for the month of September 2010 from her devices available to the police—in the presence of her attorney, Israel Khan, and information technology (IT) expert.

“I have a duty and responsibility to protect the privacy of the citizens of our land,” said Persad-Bissessar.

She added she also has e-mails, texts and messages from heads of government in the region and internationally—all confidential.

“I cannot as a responsible leader and Prime Minister breach and allow the invasion of every person who sent me a text or e-mail,” she said.

“It is not that I have something to hide. I want to know which one of you here...will pick up your phone and give somebody to clone it,” she added.

She disclosed she had personal information on her phone and questioned of what use would it be to the police.

“My husband text me, ‘Kamla, you working too hard, come home and take a rest.’ Why you want to know about that? And my grandson who would text me from time to time, ‘Grandma, why you have to work every day?’ Why do you want to know that? Why do you want to know which foreign head, regional leader send messages, what negotiations were involved in,” said Persad-Bissessar.

She asked further why would the police want to know about all the information on the Attorney General’s devices, adding there may even be information on officers who are under probe.

“I am warning you; do not be surprised if agents of the PNM (People’s National Movement) do not conspire for them to take out a search warrant for them to search my house,” she said.

“I am warning you; that is how the PNM operates, the thuggery of the PNM,” she continued.

“I remain committed to co-operating with the police, hands clean, heart pure. But it cannot be that they go on a witch-hunt and a wild goose chase on every single thing on those devices,” said Persad-Bissessar.

She noted that to date, no information has been forthcoming with respect to the cocaine that was found in the water tank of former government minister Sadiq Baksh.

“When they planted cocaine in the water tanks of Sadiq Baksh, where isw that investigation? Did they find out who did it? All these other things are being investigated—Calder Hart, Sunway contract, the wall that fell down somewhere, church in Guanapo heights,” said Persad-Bissessar.