Thursday, December 14, 2017

...Khan: The accused are a brotherhood

 THE men accused of brutally murdering businesswoman Vindra Naipaul-Coolman were not selected at random “to play a small-goal football game”, but are instead a brotherhood, with most of them knowing each other since childhood, said senior counsel Israel Khan.

As the trial into the Xtra Foods chief executive officer’s death got started on Monday, Khan pointed out the relationship status between the accused men whom he said very carefully orchestrated and executed the kidnapping and murder.

“As a matter of fact, two of the men came into this world from their mother’s womb as twin brothers,” he said.

Khan is prosecuting the case along with Gilbert Peterson SC, Dana Seetahal SC, Joy Balkaran and Kelly Thompson. He said, Shervon and Devon Peters are twins while Anthony Gloster, also known as Anthony Peters, is their older brother.

“Accused number three, Marlon Trimmingham, also called “Madman” and accused number four, Earl Trimmingham also called “Bobo” are brothers.

“Accused number two, Keida Garcia and accused number 12 Jamille Garcia are brothers. Jamille Garcia told Snr Supt Travajo in an interview on May 9, 2007: ‘Raphael Williams is meh brother-in-law ah does deal with he sister’,” said Khan to the jury at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain.

Raphael Williams was one of the men who was also charged with Naipaul-Coolman’s murder but died in prison in 2010 from complications of sickle cell anaemia.

The attorney continued, saying that Joel “Ninja” Fraser is the cousin of Sheldon, Devon and Anthony Peters, while at the time of the kidnapping and murder, he lived at the home of the State’s main witness, Keon Gloster.

“The accused number nine, Allan Martin also called “Scanny” and accused number one, Shervon Peters are very, very close friends.

“At one time Allan Martin had a sexual relationship Shervon Peters’ sister. Both Allan Martin and Shervon Peters are so close that the key prosecution witness, Keon Gloster would describe them as real partners and Shervon Peters himself would admit to the police in an interview that he and Allan Martin are so close that Allan Martin would allow him to take Allan Martin’s wife and children to the mall to do their shopping,” Khan said.

“It is important that you know who these men are,” he said to the jury. “And this is important because you will then understand the circumstances as to how this kidnapping and killing could have taken place on that fateful day at the unfinished red brick house at La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin.

“And how the men who cut off her legs, arms, head and abdomen and chest could have done so without any protestation coming from the rest who stood by lending support,” said Khan.