Saturday, February 24, 2018

Khan: No anti-venom for scorpion stings

MINISTER of Health Dr Fuad Khan yesterday said that an anti-venom for scorpion stings is non-existent so such medication could not have been given to toddler Faith Henry at the three medical institutions she was taken to after she was stung at her Point Fortin home.

The child died on Friday morning and her parents have called for an investigation to be launched by the Ministry of Health.

But Khan yesterday told the Express that there is an anti-venom for snake stings but the anti-venom for different types of scorpion stings is still on trial in several countries.

"It has been on trial for the Indian red scorpion and the American black scorpion and some scorpions in Mexico. To say that we did not have an anti-venom for a scorpion sting that is so, because there isn't any," said the Minister.

"Anti-venom is available for snakes, not for scorpion stings. Somebody said there was no anti-venom (for scorpion stings at the hospitals). It makes it sound as though there is anti-venom worldwide and we do not have any, but that's not so."

Khan said that children and the elderly were susceptible to allergic reactions from scorpion stings.

He said they should go to a health institution where the cardio-respiratory problems that occur as a result of a scorpion sting will be addressed.

Faith's mother, Nadraka Henry, 28, said she took her daughter to the Chatham Health Centre, the Point Fortin Area Hospital and San Fernando General Hospital after her daughter was stung but the child later died.

Faith was two years and ten months old.

Member of Parliament for Point Fortin Paula Gopee-Scoon said the situation was unacceptable and Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul said action will be taken.

On Saturday, San Fernando General chief executive officer Anil Gosine told the Express that an investigation had been launched into the child's death.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be made for Faith. Anyone willing to assist can call 329-0516.