Saturday, February 24, 2018

Khan wants 'detailed report' on Bisnath case

The Ministry of Health is expected to launch a full-scale investigation at the private hospital where Sasha Bisnath underwent a Caesarean section before she died.

Calls to the private institution were yesterday picked up by a female at the nursing station who said, "We have no comment right now."

Yesterday Health Minister Fuad Khan said a team will be organised to compile reports on Bisnath's care.

Bisnath gave birth to her second daughter Siara after she underwent a Caesarean section at the southern private hospital last Thursday.

She soon after began haemorrhaging and on the insistence of her family, was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH). She died around 8.15 p.m. on Friday at the public institution.

Family members believe an artery, cut during the Caesarean section, led to Bisnath bleeding profusely. At the SFGH they were told that two and a half pints of blood was in her stomach.

Even though it was drained and Bisnath appeared to be improving, her kidneys failed and her stomach started swelling before she passed away.

Khan yesterday said that should it be found that the private institution was liable for Bisnath's death, the Ministry of Heath has the power to "deal with it based on the law".

He said that a closer look will be paid to the background of doctors at private institutions.

Khan said that the registration process is one that should be carefully reviewed and it should be that one can only practise medicine in the private sector if he or she has been endorsed by a low complication and mortality rate. The prevalence of deaths at private institutions will also have to be reviewed, Khan said.

The minister said he has asked the chairman of the South West Regional Health Authority, Dr Lackram Bodoe, to provide him with a detailed report on Bisnath from the point she was admitted to the hospital to her death.

Bodoe said, "A full investigation has been launched in accordance with protocol for maternal deaths and a report will be forwarded to the Minister of Health soon."

Khan said he also plans to shake up the system and put conditions in place for doctors to enter private practice.

–additional reporting by Anna Ramdass