Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kid Kalaloo ahead after Humorous Monarch semis


ENCORE: Kid Kalaloo (Julien Hunte) was a winner all the way. —Photo: GARY CARDINEZ

Mark Fraser

Kid Kalaloo (Julien Hunte) made a strong statement Saturday; he is coming to take back the TUCO Humorous Monarch title he once held. Kid Kalaloo was a winner by leaps and bounds as he delivered “Change of Address” in the semi final round of the competition at the SWWTU Hall on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain. The preliminary round took place during the recently concluded Carnival season.

Kid Kalaloo who lost his title to reigning Monarch, Myron B in a close race last year has signalled his intent to take it back.

“Change of Address” is a well crafted song about him helping a woman and the results of that action sending him to the “Mad House” in St Ann’s. It was just on 11 p.m. when Kid Kalaloo came on stage dressed like a vagrant and delivered his song. The sold-out audience gave a collective roar when he was finished and asked for an encore.

Kid Kalaloo was the winner in the semi final round in which 29 singers faced the judges who had an easy time selecting eight finalists as most of the songs lacked humour.

Song after song proved to be either social commentary, political commentary, sexual commentary (smut) and could not hold the attention of the audience.

Masters of Ceremony Damion Melville and Godfrey Pierre kept things together with their brand of humour.

Appearing in position seven, Lady Aeisha’s (Elizabeth George) “Size 12 and Up” was another beautifully crafted song with great double entendre that also had the audience laughing.

She was followed by Juiceman (Dick Lochan) who sang “Frightened to Get Old” and he too got the attention of the audience. He made way for Ninja (Kenson Neptune) who delivered “What to Write” a song lamenting that for years he’s been entering the Young King calypso competition without winning.

Caston Cupid from Tobago invoked some laughter with his delivery of “Recipes of the Past” while Fritzy (Fritz Taylor) had the audience laughing with each verse of “Wha Dey Take Me For”.

At 11.45 p.m. Dr Rhythm (Shawn Mc Intyre) brought a “baby” on stage, to enhance his delivery of “My Son”, one of the songs that was stacked with sexual intonations.

The competition ended at 12.15 a.m. and former calypso monarch Karene Asche performed two selections while the judges deliberated.

Typher was the guest artiste in the first round and music was supplied by Len Cummings and the Wailers.

The eight singers who will challenge Myron B (who was in the audience) in the final are as follows:

Kid Kalaloo, Fritzy, Lady Aeisha, Ninja, Anton Roberts, Caston Cupid, Dr Rhythm and Juiceman with Nobby (Carl Barrington) as reserve.

The final will come off on April 5 at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain where the singers will do two songs, the one they performed Saturday night and the other, a humorous song from the past.