Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kidnap victim still in captivity

 KIDNAP victim Devindar Siewdass spent his third night in captivity last night, with police still seeking to make a breakthrough in the case. 

Siewdass, 29, the son of a Freeport businessman, was last seen on Thursday at around 6 p.m. when he left his home at Rudy Avenue, Siewdass Road. 

He was driving a black Libero station wagon PBL 396 and did not inform anyone where he was headed. 

According to police, his father, Annarood Siewdass, received a phone call hours later demanding $2 million for his return. 

The missing man’s vehicle was discovered a Forres Park, Claxton Bay on Friday. 

At the Siewdass home yesterday, several persons were gathered in a porch. A man who did not identify himself, said the family had not received any word on Siewdass and his parents were not at home.  The man said the police advised the family not to divulge their phone numbers so as “to keep the lines open in case of anything”. 

The Anti-Kidnapping Squad is spearheading investigations.