Saturday, January 20, 2018

Killed by a kick charged with manslaughter pleads guilty

A SINGLE kick to the belly with a steel-tipped boots caused the death of Wayne Abraham twelve years ago.

Yesterday, accused Lionel Peter Shade pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter.

A brown pair of boots with dried mud was shown to Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas and tendered into evidence.State attorney Sarah De Silva told the San Fernando High Court that on July 27 2002, Shade was at his Egypt Village, Point Fortin home installing louvre panes, with other men.

Around 11.30 a.m. Abraham, also called "Bram", arrived and went to a room where Shade and two men were working. Abraham went up to Shade and began pulling him on the shoulder. Shade told him, "Bram, leave me let me do my work."

Abraham continued pulling the accused by the shoulder and Shade told him to leave the house. Abraham did not. Shade continued his work.

Abraham returned to the room and again pulled at Shade's shoulder, causing Shade to stagger. Shade slapped Abraham on the face and then kicked him.

"This kick was to the centre of Wayne Abraham's stomach with a steel-tipped construction boot which was worn by the accused at that time," De Silva said.

On being kicked, Abraham held onto his stomach and sat for about five minutes before leaving. At around 9 p.m. he went to the hospital where he was examined. A procedure was done to inspect his organs and it was found that he had an inflamed pancreas and a hole in the small bowel. He also had two litres of blood in the abdominal cavity.

Abraham spent 19 days in hospital during which time a second operation was conducted. His condition deteriorated and he died on August 15.

A post mortem found he died as a result of an inflamed pancreas, caused by a blunt force injury and also complications from holes in the bowel. Pathologist Hughvon Des Vignes said that the blunt force was with a severe degree of magnitude and believed it was consistent with a forceful kick.

The day after he kicked Abraham, Shade went to the Point Fortin police station where he was told of a report against him. Shade gave a statement to the police.

Following Abraham's death, a warrant was taken out for Shade's arrest and he returned to the police station. He told officers, "I don't know what to say. To say I aim to kill him, I didn't do that. I didn't expect that to happen."

Yesterday, Shade opted to plead guilty to the charge as laid by then Sergeant Denoon, that on a day unknown between July 27 and August 15 2002, he unlawfully killed Abraham.

Yesterday, Abraham's pair of boots and three photographs of the scene of the incident were tendered into evidence. Shade, 49, is being represented by attorney Jason Jackson along with Chantal Paul.

Attorney Shabana Shah also appeared for the State in the matter.

Yesterday, Shade's bail was revoked and he was remanded into custody to re-appear in court on June 4. Jackson is expected to present information about his client to the court on that day.

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