Monday, January 22, 2018

Killed near walkover

Man knocked down crossing highway


TRAGIC END: Police officers view the body of Gowrie Siewdath, 74, who was struck by a vehicle yesterday while crossing the Uriah Butler Highway near the walkover at Charlieville.

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A 74-YEAR-old Chaguanas man was killed crossing the highway yesterday morning.

Gowrie Siewdath of Medford Street, Pierre Road died near a walkover in the vicinity of Assaraff Road, Charlieville.

Police were told that at around 9.30 a.m. Siewdath was crossing the Uriah Butler Highway from west to east when he was struck on the northbound lane by a Toyota Crown car.

The driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene and was interviewed by police officers.

Relatives told police they did not know where Siewdath was headed, or why he was crossing the highway.

They said Siewdath was not known to suffer from any mental illness.

Senior Superintendent of the Central Police Division Deodath Dulalchan yesterday appealed to pedestrians to use the walkovers provided along the highway.

"It may take a bit longer to reach your destination but you will reach safely," said Dulalchan. "When people attempt to cross the highway they are putting themselves in danger, as well as motorists and passengers in vehicles in six lanes of traffic."

Last week an unidentified man was killed in the same vicinity of the highway. The man, who was said to be homeless, was fingerprinted by police in an effort to determine his identity.

Sgt Nichols and officers of the Highway Patrol visited the scene.