Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Killer collapses in court


STRETCHERED OUT: Michael McSween is taken from the San Fernando High Court after he collapsed during his matter in the Second Court yesterday. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

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CONVICTED murderer Michael McSween collapsed in court yesterday as the judge reviewing his sentence addressed a pool of jurors.

Justice Anthony Carmona was speaking when McSween, seated in the area designated for prisoners, leaned over the enclosure.

Police officers had to hold him upright and McSween placed his hand on his chest.

Carmona commented that McSween's complexion was "getting ash" and the officers should call an ambulance.

The policemen lifted McSween out the courtroom and a short time later an ambulance arrived at the San Fernando High Court.

Defence attorney Ainsley Lucky told Carmona he was unaware as to his client's ailment but said he displayed signs of a person having a heart attack.

McSween's family members told he Express they were oblivious as to what may have led to McSween having to seek medical attention.

They said they were unable to visit him after he was taken away by the ambulance.

McSween, who is also known as Mickey, was convicted of murdering his sister in South Oropouche eleven years ago.

He also killed his mother and pleaded guilty to manslaughter. McSween also pleaded guilty to wounding his two sisters.

He was sentenced to the St Ann's Hospital at the court's pleasure in 2003.

This sentence is being reviewed before Carmona in the Second Court.