Monday, January 22, 2018

Kings and Queens finale tonight

The 2014 Kings and Queens of Carnival finale which takes place tonight will showcase the costumes of ten junior and and 10 finalists each in both the King and Queen categories. The winner will be announced immediately upon the conclusion of the contest titled “Big Friday” which takes place at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Several artistes are also listed to perform. One of these, 2014 Chutney Soca Monarch, Kris “KI” Persad is excited to be performing at the Kings and Queens of Carnival final, which begins at 7 p.m.

“It’s definitely a pleasure to be a part of ‘Big Friday’,” he said. “I’m coming in with my entire band, alongside Nishard M and we’re coming to give a power performance for the Queens to cross the stage. We’re all very excited to represent Trinidad and Tobago to the max and represent the Chutney community as well with the winning song, “Runaway”.

The two-time Monarch admitted  he has never seen the annual mas competition in person before and is looking forward to experiencing and being a part of this year’s “Big Friday” theme of “Mas World”

“It’s amazing that I’ve been blessed with 27 years of life,” he revealed, “but this will be my first time getting to see the costumes and the competition and it’s something I really want to soak in – but, at the same time I have to perform and entertain, so I have to regulate my thoughts and not get too carried away with the beauty and splendour of the mas. I hope to create a wonderful lasting memory that will stay with me and the audience forever and ever.”

Persad and 3Veni will perform alongside Soul Train Award Winner, Bunji Garlin and his Asylum Vikings, as well as Neval Chatelal, Chantal Esdelle and Moyenne and the Alternative Quartet. The star-studded production will also honour renowned painter/artiste, Jean Michel Cazabon with Esdelle and Moyenne paying tribute to late musician, songwriter and performer, Andre Tanker as well as Calypso Icon, Slinger Fancisco “The Mighty Sparrow” in song to kick off the action.

“As we did last year,” said event producer, Geraldo Vieira Junior, “we’ve added various elements of our culture to the final night of the competition in order to make it more entertaining and appealing to audiences of all ages. Mas lovers will attend and enjoy the competition regardless, but as the festival evolves, the elements that comprise it are also evolving to give the presentations and the production itself greater meaning and significance. We are delighted to have the support of the NCBA and its president, David Lopez in taking bold new steps and incorporating more than just mas into the presentation of the final competitors.”

Following are the Kings and Queens who will appear tonight and how they placed in last Tuesday’s semi-finals


1. Wade Madray – Legacy Mas –“ Quars Al Sahraa - Desert Sting” – 436;

2. Curtis Eustace – Show Time Trinidad - “Zanzikil -Lord Of Chaos” - 430;

3. Ted Eustace – Paparazzi Carnival – “Monkey Know What Tree To Climb” – 425;

4. Ravi Lakhan  – Antourage - “Nagin Saphera -The Serpent Charmer” -  416;

5. Ronald Blaize – Legacy - “De Tornado” 410;

6. Glenn Dave Lakhan – Good Hope Associates “After Earth” – 398;

7. Zinool Mohammed – “Madiba (The Heart Of A Warrior)” - 397;

8. Fareid Carvalho – Carvalho Productions - What Lies Beneath”- 396;

9. Earl Backles – Dream Team Carnival – “Scorpion King” – 389;

10. Clyde Bascombe – “Poseidon Comin’” – 388;


1. Gloria Dallsingh – Ivan Kalicharan – “We Beat Pan Music” – 428;

2. Raevon Atherton – Paparazzi – “High Noon On The Comanchero Sacred Grounds” – 406;

3. Denesha Jennings – Jennings & Associates - “Indeera (Mother Of India)” – 404;

4. Kay Mason – Festival of Colours – “Burrokeet Woman” – 395;

5. Laura Rampersad – Ivan Kalicharan – “African Drum Dancer” – 394;

6. Alendra Bailey – D’ Midas T&T - “Warrior Of Fire:Rise Of The Mystic Phonenix” – 393;

7. Peola Marchan – Trini Revellers -“Zamara, Mirage Of The Oasis” – 392;

8. Cherry-Ann Patrice Valere – Good Hope Associates – “The Unusual Beauty” – 385;

9. Tamika George – R. Bailey & Associates – “Refraction: A Phenomenon Of Light” – 383;

10. Tracell Frederick – Colourz Fuh So - “Hera - Bonds Of Unity” – 382;