Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kudos to junior cops for quick response to tip-offs

 For their hard work, diligence and dedication to duty,  four police officers of the Port of Spain and Western divisions were issued written com­mendations by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Stephen Ramsubhag. 

ACP Ramsubhag, on behalf of acting Commissioner of Police Ste­phen Williams and in the presence of the head of the Western Division, Senior Superintendent Ishmael David; Superintendent of the Port of Spain Division Kenny McIntyre; and public information officer Inspector Wayne Mystar, commended the policemen on Thursday, during a ceremony at Riverside Plaza, Port of Spain, for the “selflessness” which they demonstrated in their actions over the past week. 

The officers who received the commendations included Sergeant Troy Bruno, Corporal Marlon Camp­bell, Detective Corporal Marlon Linton and Constable Nicholas Roberts. 

In delivering his address, Ramsubhag said: “I am extremely proud to acknowledge and recognise your exemplary performance, in keeping with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s strategic plan in reducing crime in this country, in reducing the fear of crime and providing citizen-centred services.

“I must say,” he added, “you did not procrastinate with the information you received from concerned citizens, pertaining to illegal arms and narcotics. Because of your passion for your duty, you analysed the information to ascertain its veracity, which allowed you to seize a Baretta firearm, 84 rounds of assorted am­munition and the large quantity of narcotics in St Ann’s and in the Western Division and, for that, you must be commended.” 

Recognising the value of presenting awards to police officers for their performance, Senior Superintendent David said he hoped the commendations would continue to inspire these officers, as well as other officers in the various divisions, to respond quickly to information received from the public so similar busts could be made in the future.

This, in turn, he said, would encourage citizens to continue their working relationship with the police, which is vital to the successful combating of crime. 

Superintendent McIntyre also praised ACP Ramsubhag for commending the junior officers in the division, saying it was something “long in coming” and was needed throughout the service. 

“It acts as a motivation to the police force and will encourage the police to continue to work towards getting the nation back to a stable, well-rounded environment. 

“It starts with one person. People say one man cannot make a difference, but I beg to differ, Ma­hatma Gandhi made a difference, Nelson Mandela made a difference and there is nothing to say that we and each and every single officer in the Police Service cannot do the same in our own way,” McIntyre said.