Saturday, February 24, 2018

‘Lame duck’ Govt a danger, says Rowley

People’s National Movement leader Keith Rowley has said now that the Government had lost the local government election, the third electoral defeat this year, it will be setting out to award contracts all over.

He made the comments at a political meeting on Saturday in Mt Hope in the run up to the November 4 St Joseph by-election. The PNM’s candidate is Terrence Deyalsingh.

Rowley said rather than slow down the corruption, “They will tief like they never tief before...they will move heaven and earth to put arrangements in place to give away State lands”, because the Government was a “wounded animal, a lame duck, which knew that its days were numbered”.

Rowley said this Government’s staying in office “posed a danger to Trinidad and Tobago.

“Look at the mandate they had (in 2010). Now TOP is gone, COP is an embarrassment to themselves, NJAC was just about “eat-ah-food”.

But Rowley said that while the UNC-led coalition was dying, there was a move being made to get Winston Dookeran to come back and lead “something called a “Partnership Party which would require that the dead parties bury themselves and all the PNM-haters come together under a new banner..So while they talking about the PNM and Rowley, the real bacchanal in the politics in Trinidad and Tobago is among those who temporarily hold the reins of authority. And since the political parties have been destroyed in the public eye, they now want to form something else as a raft to save themselves down the stream”.

Rowley said he was “guaranteeing” that as the thing unfolds “you would see strange bedfellows, trying to make up bed clothes. You will see people who said ‘you are criminals and we will have no part of you’, for the sake of office, saying, “hail friend, well met’. Wait and you shall see”.