Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Laventille children pay tribute to slain soldier

Raising their voices in song, children from Laventille and environs honoured slain solider Kayode Tho­mas. 

With a picture of Thomas in their hands, they sang R Kelly’s 1996 smash hit, “World’s Greatest”, at the Marcano Quarry Rising committee’s graduation ceremony, at Beverly Hills Plannings, Laventille, yesterday. 

Thomas, while off-duty, was gunned down on June 29 by unknown

assailants near Plaisance Quar­ry Road, John John, Laventille. The assailants are still at large,

The camp was held during the period August 4-22 and was one of  the main initiatives by the Inter-Agency Task Force. 

Catering to over 120 children between the ages of three and 16, members of the Marcano Quarry Rising Committee welcomed children from the Beverly Hills community and neighbouring areas, including Straker Village, Picton, John John and Desperlie Crescent.

The ceremony, dubbed “Future Generation Hearts and Minds”, gave the children an opportunity to showcase their talents. 

One of the main speakers at the event, Commanding Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment Colo­nel Rodney Smart, noted the idea for the camp came from residents not wanting gang leaders in the area and other criminal ele­ments to “get to” their children. 

Roslyn Douglas-Tannis, one of the camp co-ordinators for the programme, noted for the past three weeks, the children were exposed to drawing, colours, crafts and agriculture, to name a few.

She said, “I was in charge of the three-to-five age group. The children learned how to make decorative chairs from old soft drink bottles, make picture frames from pallet sticks and homemade jewelry. They even had the opportunity to plant cabbage, celery and pepper.”

Murders, shootings and gang-related activities are common stories that come out of Laventille. Those in the community often wonder and ask: what about the good things, why aren’t those highlighted?

Smart noted he remains committed to helping this community or any other community that wants to help themselves.