Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Laventille vendor shot and killed

...homicide toll for the year now 142

Laventille vendor Danny Goveia, 39, was shot and killed last night while operating his business outside his home at Rigault Street.

Police said at around 10.15p.m. residents heard gunshots and on checking, found Goveia and another man, Gervon McBeech, 24, lying on the ground bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Police were called in, and members of the Inter-Agency Task Force responded and took the wounded men to the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Goveia was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment.

McBeech is warded in a serious condition.

Goveia is the third man to die while operating a vending stall, in the past month.

On Monday night Point Fortin vendor Dane Joseph was gunned down at his vegetable stall. Monday.

Joseph, 38, a father of three, was loading dasheen into his pick-up truck at around 7.15 p.m. when a man walked by pretending to be a customer, then hid in some bushes near the Cap-de-Ville police post.

As Joseph was about to get into his vehicle, police said, he was shot in the stomach.

He died at the Point Fortin Area Hospital. On March 20th Barry Maloney, 35, of Cunupia, was shot dead while operating his fruit and vegetable stall. 

Police were told Maloney was at the stall at the corner of Paul Augustus Road and Chin Chin Road when a gunman approached and fired several shots. 

Maloney was shot in his jaw and chest, and died at the scene. tained.

Police said Maloney was well-known to them and had been convicted several times for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest, and arrested on suspicion on murder.

In another incident, a Cunupia man was shot yesterday while liming in Chaguanas.

Police said Stephen Anthony Alexis, 24, of Poui Drive, Homeland Gardens, was at Bhagalloo Street, Enterprise at around 3.30 p.m. when two men he knew approached him with firearms.

Alexis began to run but the men opened fire on him and he was shot several times.

He was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility and later transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he is warded in a serious but stable condition.

No suspects have been arrested in either incident.