Thursday, January 18, 2018

Law body defends 'silence'


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THE Law Association has defended its silence in relation to the hunger strike by Highway Re-Route Movement leader Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, saying the issue is before the courts.

In a release issued by the Law Association on Monday, the organisation responded to criticism made by Victor Hart, former Transparency International head.

Hart, a retired construction professional and chair of the Cabinet-appointed Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, made the comments last Friday while delivering the keynote address at the Raymond & Pierre Ltd's 40th anniversary breakfast meeting at the Capital Plaza Hotel, Port of Spain.

Hart also criticised the association for remaining mum on the Section 34 fiasco and indirectly calling on the Med- ical Practitioners Associ- ation of Trinidad and Tobago (MPATT) to also be vocal on issues that arise in the health sector.

The association said: "At the outset, it is essential to note that the issue of the continuation of the construction of the highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin has been the subject of a High Court action since August of this year, in which the said Dr Kublalsingh is one of the claimants."

"One would not expect a responsible Law Association to comment on the merits of an issue that is engaging the attention of the Courts and is sub judice.

"One gets the impression the association has been criticised for not supporting Dr Kublalsingh. The association hopes that was never Mr Hart's intention when he made the reported statements," the association added.