Saturday, February 24, 2018

Lawyers: He is suited for post

PRESIDENT of the Assembly of Southern Lawyers, Dexter Bailey, believes that Justice Anthony Carmona is well suited for the post of President.

"I think he of course will do yeoman service to the post of President. I think the Assembly will be happy and pleased that he is elevated to that post," Bailey said.

Last July, the Assembly honoured Carmona when he was appointed to the Holland-based International Criminal Court (ICC).

Bailey said after learning about the judge's background, the Assembly was fascinated by Carmona who was a teacher before he became an attorney 30 years ago. Carmona was also hailed as a calypsonian, having even performed at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Bailey said Carmona's education, socialising skills and personality were all suited for the post.

"He is a very humble and very approachable individual," Bailey said.