Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lawyers for Jesus sound warning on abortion and gay marriage


CHURCH HEADS: Representatives of different religious denominations display placards outside the Emmanuel Centre on Rosalino Street, Woodbrook yesterday following their media conference. Joining hands are Dr David Jackson, third from left, Rev Vernon Duncan, Leela Ramdeen, Hyacinth Griffith, Noble Khan and Roma Paul. –Photo: ROBERTO CODALLO

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LAW MAKERS should consider what is best for the country and not seek to redefine the term gender as it is the first step in legalising homosexual marriages and abortion.

Speaking at a press conference at Emmanuel House in Woodbrook yesterday, member for the group Lawyers for Jesus, Roma Paul, said the government should do what is best for all.

"Everyone has rights, no one is disputing that. Do we go against nature itself? We have to determine as a nation what do we want our society to look like. What are the values that we want? What do we want for our nation? Let us not follow in that way," Paul asked.

Paul added that the country should not just copy and implement laws but should consider the values that are best for the country.

Paul said the issue of gender policy began with legitimate rights where women were paid equivalent to their male counterparts but "somebody got a bright idea and decided to put in all these things" all the while women's rights are being ignored.

She said that the intent to redefine the term gender is just another way of seeking to legalise sexual perversion. She said the bottom line behind those in support of gay rights and gender policy changes was all about sex and how they want to have it.

Noble Khan, a representative of the Muslim League, told the gathering that the gender policy draft was going backwards and likened it to eating the vomit of corbeaux. He added that the issue should not be "shoved down our throats" and that proper consultation should take place with all stakeholders involved.

Another activist for Lawyers for Jesus, Hyacinth Griffith , said that in all countries where homosexual marriages are allowed and abortions are legal, they all began with the redefinition of the term gender. She added that such things did not "happen in a vacuum" but have all been incremental.

Chairman for the Catholic Commission for Social Justice, Leela Ramdeen, said that the governments should first seek to address other real issues in the country before seeking to entertain the thought of redefining the term gender. The panel of speakers unanimously stated that they will not support the policy ever.

Responding to questions on legalising abortions, the panel, inclusive of Dr David Jackson and Rev Vernon Duncan, said that the government should assist faith based organisations that assist women who have children and cannot afford to support them instead of providing a place for them to "legally kill" them.