Thursday, February 22, 2018

‘...Lessons can be learnt from them’

The Spiritual Shouter Baptist faith has faced and overcome many challenges over the years, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has said in his message on the occasion of Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day which was observed yesterday. The public holiday is today.

In his message, Rowley added that the people of the faith have been resolute and unwavering in their beliefs and traditions and much can be learnt from the Spiritual/Shouter Baptist experience.

Rowley said, “The faith has persevered even in the face of discrimination and marginalisation. When they were forbidden to gather and worship, they were in fact being denied a fundamental right. They were in essence being robbed, but they didn’t roll over and play dead.”

He added, “Today, because the people of the Faith persisted steadfastly in their beliefs despite much difficulties and obstacles, we can all celebrate with them and rejoice that our nation is richer and stronger with the Spiritual/Shouter Baptists.

“I take this opportunity to encourage all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to learn some valuable lessons as demonstrated by them. Among other things, let us learn to stand firm and resolute in your beliefs. Let us embrace community and by extension nation just as they do through Pilgrimage. Let us be grateful and give back just as they do through Thanksgiving. And let us learn the value of meditation, introspection and self-sacrifice similar to what is accomplished through Mourning.”