Monday, December 18, 2017

Lifeguards to patrol Moruga beach, says De Coteau

The first group of lifeguards to be stationed at Moruga beach will take up duty in two months said Minister Clifton De Coteau, MP for Moruga.

De Coteau said he was happy that the Tourism Ministry was able to provide funds for lifeguards along the beach at Gran Chemin.

He lamented the fact that just a month ago a 60-year-old drowned in the area.

Lifeguards will have responsibility for patrolling the area from the fishing complex to L'anse Mitan bridge.

"Over time, Moruga beach has become a favourite bathing spot, especially for children, so it is absolutely necessary to upgrade safety facilities on the beach front," said De Coteau.

Also hailing the improvement of the facility at Gran Chemin beach was Peter Glouden, president of the Moruga Fishing Association.

"Anything to save lives will be a plus for not only the people of Moruga, but other people who come to Moruga to bathe," said Glouden.

He said the sea front in recent times has become a popular bathing spot and stationing lifeguards in that area will serve as added attraction to visitors.

—Louis B Homer