Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lit Fest heads to City Hall tomorrow

 Mayor Louis Lee Sing will welcome up to 400 children to Port of Spain City Hall tomorrow for a special children’s event as part of Trinidad and Tobago’s third annual literature festival, the NGC Bocas Lit Fest.

Children will be arriving from all over Trinidad for a full day of events that include readings, workshops, films, music, art, magic and lots of laughs.  Nikki Crosby and Penelope Spencer will put in guest appearances for “Talk!, Laugh! It’s Life” and Errol Fabien will be keeping up the comedy as an MC.  

A Caribbean version of Little Red Riding Hood, illustrated by local artist Che Lovelace and set to music by Adam Walters of the UTT Academy for Performing Arts, will be the opportunity to introduce children to some of the instruments used in the score.  And, Island Hikers will be presenting a show about the North Coast.

Danielle Delon, Children’s Bocas Lit Fest director, says this event happening during the school holidays is meant to keep creative young minds and hands busy and entertained and for children to go away more enthusiastic and knowledgeable than when they arrive.  

“In an Animae Caribe workshop the children will learn about animated films and see how they can make their own animations using a simple book.  They will see the work of other children who have been part of a joint art project between UWI art students and the Bridge Foundation with children in Mayaro and Guayaguayare to develop images from a story created by other children at the 2011 KFC Bocas Children’s Lit Fest.”

The event, which starts at 9 a.m., is already oversubscribed by schoolchildren who will be accompanied by teachers.

The NGC Bocas Lit Fest runs from April 25-28 at Nalis and includes the children’s festival.

The KFC Bocas Children’s Storytelling caravan is on its April weekend tour of the country. Visit: to register. NGC is the title sponsor of the lit fest, OCM and KFC are lead sponsors.  The Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development, First Citizens, Court and Flow are supporting sponsors. 

 The special event is supported by various NGOs.

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