Friday, December 15, 2017

London: Govt owes THA $625m

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is owed $625 million from Central Government, according to Chief Secretary Orville London.

Funding due to the THA is usually received every quarter between the third to fourth day of every quarter from Central Government.

But these funds have not been received to date, said London, speaking at the weekly press conference Wednesday on the issue, said the government is being deliberate in its action, to starve the Assembly of funds.

"And I really think that it is you know untenable even despicable on the part of Central Government. Which so ever agency is responsible I do not know, but between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tobago Development, those are the two ministries that will be directly involved transmitting those funds to Tobago," London said.

London noted, based on the Assembly's evaluation, this Central Government is prepared to bring pain to the people of Tobago, just in order to receive its political objective.

Finance Secretary Dr Anslem London said the disbursement of funds for the Assembly is between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tobago Development.

"Here we are today the 17th January 2013, just a few days before the THA Election (January 21) and we have not received the monies due to the THA some two weeks now," Dr London said.

Both men insisted there are bills to be paid by the Assembly, infrastructural projects to complete, and salaries to be paid to public servants.

The Londons said the Assembly was surviving because of prudent financial management.