Monday, December 18, 2017

Lorryman killed on the job; wife wants answers


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THE WIFE of a Chaguanas lorryman who was killed when a company truck in which he was a passenger crashed on Monday is seeking answers on how her husband died.

Neisha McGarrell-James, whose husband Stephen James died at the scene of the crash, said she was waiting for him to come home from work but instead his co-workers turned up with the tragic news.

"I want to know how that accident happened", said McGarrell-James. "I still can't believe it".

The crash occurred when James, 52, of Penco Street, Montrose, was in a ten-tonne truck loaded with 525 empty 25-pound gas cylinders, with co-workers Khemraj Ramkissoon, who was driving, and Michael James, headed north along the Solomon Hochoy Highway back to their company, North Plant LPG of Lange Park, Chaguanas.

Police said around 1.30 p.m. the truck swerved off the highway and overturned on the bushes in the approach to the Indian Trail overpass.

James, a father of three, flew out of the vehicle through the passenger window and died.

Co-workers Michael James and Ramkissoon sustained minor injuries and were treated at the Couva Health Centre.

McGarrell-James, who was married to James for four years, said yesterday: "He was a very loving husband to me. He worked very hard to provide for his family. This will be a Christmas to remember."

She said their two- year-old daughter kept asking for James. "I told her daddy not coming home. But she does not understand that he is never coming back," she said.

McGarrell-James said company officials have offered to help the family with funeral expenses.

She sent a message to motorists: "When you are on the road, please be careful. You have your life and your passengers' lives in your hands."

An autopsy performed yesterday at the San Fernando Mortuary by Dr Hubert Daisley concluded that James died as a result of compression of the throat, and he also suffered multiple fractured ribs.

The death toll by accidents on the road for the year now stands at 166.