Tuesday, January 16, 2018

...Lucky: Charges laid on PCA’s recommendations


PCA head Gillian Lucky

Mark Fraser

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) was involved in gathering evidence and investigations into the matter involving teenager Jamerson John, who was allegedly set on fire by police officers last year.

PCA head Gillian Lucky said yesterday a file was submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the authority’s findings and recommendations in February.

“And based on what has occurred today with respect to the laying of charges, it is clear the DPP found favour with the findings and recommendations of the PCA with respect to the matter,” she said.

Lucky said it was never a pleasure undertaking an investigation when there were allegations of this nature against police officers who were eventually charged and taken before the court.

“The matter is now being before the court.

“There will be a determination made as to where the truth lies. And the PCA is confident that justice will prevail at the end of the proceedings,” she said.

The matter was referred to the PCA following the alleged incident in December 2013.

The PCA had called for a copy of the police investigation file in the matter, including reports on John’s clothing and the scented candles.

Six police officers appeared in court yesterday charged with setting fire to John and were granted a total of $300,000 bail by a San Fernando magistrate.

It is alleged that police officers stripped John, 18, down to his underpants, doused him with methylated spirits and set him alight after he refused to confess to robbing two people and breaking into a house near his Moruga home.

John was hospitalised for burns to his torso, leg and genital area.

He was charged with house breaking and robbery.