Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lukewarm opening for Klassic Ruso


well received: All Rounder at the opening of Klassic Ruso tent, at City Hall Auditorium, Knox Street, Port of Spain, on Friday. —Photo: Jermaine Cruickshank

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Political satire and picong seemed to be what patrons expected at Friday night's opening of Klassic Ruso calypso tent.

But only a few calypsonians were able to satisfy their needs and those were the ones who received patrons' approval with encores, raucous laughter and rounds of applause. Klassic Ruso tent, at City Hall Auditorium, Knox Street, Port of Spain, opened to a large turnout of patrons anticipating calypsos laced with political satire and picong; however, not many calypsos offered this. There were those, however, like calypsonian Typher, (Cuthbert Blackett) who earned two encores for "Eat Ah Food", a commentary in which he said he wanted to get the facts from calypsonian Sugar Aloes as to the reason he mounted the Peoples Partnership (PP) political party stage to which he said Sugar Aloes' reply was, "doh study dem; Aloes is still PNM but remember, man have to eat ah food." That was what it took to satisfy the packed auditorium who responded with laughter and applause. Contender (Mark John) offered "Twenty How Much", in which he said the PNM had a clear vision – vision 2020, and asked the PP party how long again will he have to wait for PP's vision to be made clear. He received an encore. Crazy (Edwin Ayoung) offered "Call Kubie" and "Fall Guy" which some patrons enjoyed.

The youths had a big impact on patrons with strong social commentary.  Helon Francis' "Tainted Legacy" was one such powerful calypso.  Francis said youths are not to be blamed for societal ills including crime because they have inherited a tainted legacy. He said adults must accept their failures along the way. Francis went on to back-up his lyrics with facts on crimes that were committed long ago, not by youths, but adults. He went on to say that western movies and various stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor weren't the best role models back in the day either and called on the adults to accept responsibility.

Another young calypsonian, Sergio Francisco, son of calypso icon Mighty Sparrow, came out with a bellowing and commanding voice with his rendition of "When You Take A Life".

Ezekiel Yorke also gave a memorable performance with "Colour Commentaries".  Spicey (Tammico Moore) also came out biting in "Planass". 

Minister of Community Development, Winston "Gypsy" Peters; National Carnival Commission Chairman, Allison Demas and Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation president, Lutalo Massimba (Brother Resistance) were among the dignitaries. There are 29 calypsonians on Klassic Ruso's cast.

Othere highlights of the evening were performances from All Rounder, Shirlane Hendrickson, Stockings (Edwin Brown) and Hamidullah.