Sunday, February 25, 2018

MP calls for independent investigation

Oil spill in La Brea

La Brea MP Fitzgerald Jeffrey has called for an independent investigation into last December’s La Brea oil spill.

He said local agencies were not capable of producing accurate reports.

Jeffrey said too many residents have fallen sick since the oil spill. “I am worried about these residents, who still complain about dizzy spells. Nothing has changed. The situation remains pathetic. I am worried about that Corexit 9500 (chemical used to disperse the oil) and how the authorities are treating with the issue,” he said.

The residents claimed that traces of oil were still visible at Coffee, Carat Shed and Point Sable beaches in La Brea.

Jeffrey pleaded for residents to be relocated until the matter was resolved.

“We have a housing development project where they are putting up 63 houses in La Brea. We need immediate evacuation of the residents of the area,” he said.

Jeffrey said the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) and Environmental Management Authority (EMA) were unable to investigate the oil spill effectively.

“We need some independent monitoring, not from IMA and EMA and so on, but really from an international agency. We need the United Nations to come and check the water and aquatic life because residents are still sick and that is worrying me,” he said.

Jeffrey said residents have ceased their Monday morning protests to give the authorities an opportunity to resolve the issue.

“We decided to take a break and see what will happen and if nothing is done we will have to take some other action,” he said.