Saturday, December 16, 2017

MP: Political greed to undermine the COP

"THIS is part of a continued plot by certain United National Congress operatives to undermine the Congress of the People," Lopinot/Bon Air West MP Dr Lincoln Douglas said yesterday about an exercise to have him recalled.

Douglas was two weeks ago the target of a petition for removal by former National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) MP for that area Rawle Raphael who said Douglas had failed in his duties.

Raphael is also the chairman of the COP's executive committee for that area.

Douglas said the movement against him was simply a case of greed for political power by some who were too impatient to wait for his term to be over in three years, when they can try their luck at the polls.

"There are those who want to see the COP destroyed before the next general election," Douglas told the Sunday Express by phone, adding that efforts to chip away at the strength of the COP were being made early into the term in office of the People's Partnership, which took charge of the government in May 2010.

"That motion was just part of a wider plan to undermine the COP by all those who feel that we will go away before the next election.

"This effort to remove me is not about the work I do, it's about the fact that someone wants to have the position of MP.

"But I am going to continue to do the work I have been placed here to do and I am confident about the work I have done so far."

Douglas said Raphael represented a "non-functioning" executive and that members, including Raphael, seldom made the effort to attend meetings.