Sunday, January 21, 2018

MSJ: Rise in dissent due to poor governance

POOR governance is the reason behind the surge in protest action by citizens and workers across the country, according to the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), one of the parties of the People's Partnership coalition government.

The MSJ issued a press statement yesterday, claiming that the protests, were only suppressed by last year's declaration of a State of Emergency, and signalled a deep-seated frustration by citizens.

"Two years into the Partnership government many of those issues have not yet been addressed in a manner that gives the communities comfort and the government time to get them fixed", the MSJ stated.

The MSJ's political leader David Abdulah has given Government a May 24 deadline to address a series of issues or risk losing the MSJ as a partner.

The MSJ stated that the recent protests "are very clear evidence that the population is not prepared to accept promises by the Peoples Partnership government...At the root of the problem is the issue of governance by what process does a government decide on the distribution of the resources of the country and whether the distribution of the resources is done in a manner that is equitable, fair and just".

The MSJ stated that the Peoples Partnership won by a landslide because citizens had rejected the governance of previous administrations.

"The (Peoples Partnership) government has to demonstrate in a very real way that every citizen has 'won', that nobody is being discriminated against and that 'all will rise, together'," the MSJ stated.

"If this does not happen, if sections of the national community feel excluded or discriminated against, then they will justifiably resort to continuing protests," the statement added.