Thursday, February 22, 2018

Machel, Drupatee stir up One Fete

Machel Montano and Drupatee caused a stir at Saturday night's One Fete at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port of Spain. The duo, who teamed up for their 2013 hit "Indian Gyal", had the crowd lapping up every moment of their performance.

Drupatee, looking sexy in a red bra top and skirt, demonstrated that she was a force to be reckoned with. Drupatee and Montano gyrated and performed with a synergy that had patrons lapping up every moment of their sexy stage antics.

There was a great amount of gyration between the two, especially during the song's chorus "Wuk Up D Lati". A mischievous Montano asked Drupatee for a kiss on his lips, after a shy kiss by Drupatee, the pair then delved into their 2001 hit "Real Unity ".

At the end of their performance Montano again asked Drupatee for another kiss—this time Drupatee planted a kiss on Montano's lips, again to patrons' delight. Montano told his fans that the next time they would see that kiss again would be at the Soca Monarch finals. He told patrons who may be thinking that there is something romantic going on between himself and Drupatee that it was his business.

Montano took time to make it clear that he will be taking both the Soca Monarch and Groovy Soca Monarch titles to which some in the crowd shouted "No", while others started to chant "SuperBlue". Montano performed every hit he had in his arsenal for about an hour and even threw in some of his "rum songs" for good measure.

Earlier Kes the Band also did some damage. Kees himself was in rare form. For close to an hour and a half, Kees unleashed a repertoire of his 2013 favourites, starting with "Your Body Working" in which he instructed patrons to check their body parts. He also delved into past favourites like "Wotless" which never fail. 

There were various highlights of Kees' performance. Two female fans had an opportunity to share the spotlight onstage. At one point in his performance a young woman was asked to come onstage for a steamy session, in which a couch was brought out. Kees proceeded to gyrate on the couch with his female fan much to the delight of patrons.

Kees apologised to his fans for not being in the Soca Monarch. While he said he will be competing in the Groovy segment his main focus, he said, is on taking his music to the world. He also commented on the bickering between artistes. He said all the bickering for a piece of money is not doing anything for him.

Feters were out in full force. From as early as 7 p.m., a large turnout of partygoers were at the venue taking advantage of the food fare, which consisted of Chinese, Indian, Jamaican, Creole and Arabian food.

There were also a variety of deserts to choose from—cheese cake, Haagen Daas ice cream and an assortment of cupcakes. There were well-stocked premium bars which offered everything from mucktails to champagne and whisky. Montano ended the session at around 2 a.m.