Thursday, January 18, 2018

Maharaj pledges army support to fight crime

CHIEF of Defence Staff Major General Kenrick Maharaj pledged his support and that of his troops to help the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service get a handle on crime.

Maharaj made the statement on Tuesday following the launch of the Rapid Response Unit at Knowsley, Port of Spain.

Maharaj said it was “not a comforting situation” having 2014 get off to such a bloody start.

Twenty murders have been recorded since January 1.

“The Defence Force remains committed taking the lessons of 2013 to inform betterment in 2014. It is what we are about and the Defence Force brings all the resources we have to bear on law enforcement support operations jointly with the police,” Maharaj said.

He said crime is a “complex” situation and, in order for it to be successfully addressed, intelligence must be effectively used.

“This is a complex situ­ation. Crime as it is in Trinidad and Tobago today is not a simplistic situation, and therefore all of the intelligence and all of the analyses that have to be engaged are being engaged.”

Maharaj said the police and the soldiers work well together.

“We work really well together and we are going to continue to work even better in 2014 to ensure that we can handle this particular situation we are being confronted with right now in the best possible manner to give the entire population the comfort that they deserve as a liberal western democracy.

“We need to ensure that we have a peaceful environment in which to do business, in which to live, in which to enjoy ourselves, us and visitors as well... as we move from here to the Carnival season, we expect that we would have to engage even more decisively and even more intensely, jointly to ensure the environment is one that is favourable for doing business and favourable for living generally,” he said.