Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Malabar residents still support Roberts

Even with the allegations and controversy surrounding the now terminated LifeSport Programme, some residents of Anil Roberts’ former constituency in D’Abadie/O’Meara continue to support him. 

In a town meeting on Thursday night at the Malabar Community Centre along Holly Betaudier Road, Malabar hosted by TV6 presenter Fazeer Mohammed, residents gave their opinions on the successes and failures of the Government and the former member of Parliament. 

Resident Julia Caleb criticised the Government, noting that in her view, it was the “worst Government” in the country’s history.

“Roads need fixing, unemployment is high and people are dying every day. The youths are not being taken care of properly. No one seems to know the solution to the situation. They just wasting taxpayers’ money in all kinda schemes. They are doing nothing for us!” exclaimed Caleb. 

However, Malabar residents such as Gemma Richards and Julius Edwards defended the former sport minister despite the controversy. 

“I’m not saying anything bad about him, because I can’t say anything bad about him. He made a promise in 2010 and he fulfilled it. He helped out the youths of this area, he helped out the people of this area. Despite whatever else they want to say about him, he assisted this community. He assisted over 235 children, and he didn’t do it with Sport money, he did it through the youth ministry and that is commendable,” Richards said. 

Edwards said in his opinion, Roberts “came through” for the community better than any previous MP or Minister. 

“Take it from someone who was on the ground for the past 22 years, you see Anil Roberts, he came through for the community of Malabar pertaining to the youths and pertaining to sports. Even with his departure I can stand here and say I have personally seen improvements in sports, and it have improvements with the Malabar All Stars FC for example, and a number of other teams in the area have improved. Mr Roberts did help,” Edwards said. 

However, with or without a representative in the Parliament, the residents are determined to continue resisting plans by the Ministry of Justice to build a judicial centre there. They also complained about the lack of a proper water supply in the community and they begged that the State address this issue.

The residents also accepted an invitation from Congress of the People’s Patricia Metivier (caretaker of the constituency) to meet and familiarise her with their concerns, so she can lobby on their behalf.