Thursday, February 22, 2018

Man caught with gun on ferry

 OFFICERS of the Port of Spain CID detained two passengers who were aboard the T&T Spirit yesterday afternoon following reports that there were gunmen aboard the inter-island ferry as it made its way from Scarborough, Tobago.

Transport Minister Stephen Cadiz confirmed this yesterday when he spoke to reporters at the Diplomatic Centre, La Fantasie Road, St Ann’s, while attending the Prime Minister’s Emancipation dinner.

The Express was told that sometime after 3 p.m., as the vessel made its way back to Port of Spain, a rumour began to spread that there was either a bomb or incendiary device aboard the ferry. There was another rumour that there was a gunman aboard the boat.

The captain ordered the vessel to be, “locked down”, following which he contacted the Coast Guard and the police.

The T&T Spirit was then met halfway and escorted to Port of Spain.

Officers of the Port of Spain CID then carefully allowed passengers and their vehicles to leave but screened them all as they drove or walked out.

Police said it was during this operation two men, including one with a 9 mm pistol, attempted to flee the hastily arranged dragnet but they were pursued and arrested as they ran off the boat.

The two men were being questioned up to last night.        —GG